First Aid Training Level 1

If you are interested in attending a First Aid Level 1 Refresher Course, please note that your current First Aid Level 1 Certificate must still be valid. Purpose of Course: To enable staff members of companies to carry out the tasks of a First Aider within the workplace according to the requirements of the OHS…
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First Aid Training Level 2

Purpose of Course: To build on knowledge acquired in First Aid Level 1 and to enable learners who perform a task in the outdoors as this course has modules on snake & other animal bites as well as environmental casualties such as heat stroke and exposure to extreme cold. Target Group:  Candidates with a valid…
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First Aid Training Level 3

Purpose of Course: This course will enable the learner to take leadership in emergency situations. More focus is place on serious injuries and illnesses. Target Group: Employees of companies where there is a higher risk of serious injuries or individuals wishing to study further to qualify them as a Basic Ambulance Assistant. Course Outline: 1.…
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First Aid Training Levels 1, 2, & 3

First Aid Training  Level 1 and 2 Course Content as for First Aid Level 2 Entry Requirement:  None Language:  English and Afrikaans Certificate:  ID Card and First Aid Level 2 Certificate of Competence issued, valid for 3 years. Duration of course:  32 hours including evaluation (4 days) First Aid Training  Level 2 and 3 Course Content as…
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First Aid for Sports Injuries

Purpose of Course: The purpose is to equip the First Aider with an in depth knowledge and practical skills to act with confidence when responsible for the health and safety of athletes and other participants in sporting events. Target Group: Teachers, coaches, learners acting as first aiders at school sporting events and students studying for…
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First Aid Workshop

Purpose of Course: To provide general knowledge of basic first aid principles to enable the learner to cope with minor casualties until expert help arrives. Target Group: Employees who do not have to comply with the OHS Act 85 of 1993, but wish to have a general knowledge of first aid, school children, candidates with…
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Paediatric CPR & Basic First Aid

Purpose of Course: You will be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to be able to respond correctly in an emergency situation. This knowledge can mean the difference between life and death. We really want to encourage you to take the time to learn CPR and Basic First Aid. You never know when you…
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CPR for Adult, Child and Infant Casualties

Purpose of Course: Family and Friends CPR teaches you how to give CPR to an adult, child, or infant and assist a choking casualty. Target Group: Anyone who works in an environment where breathing and cardiac casualties may occur. Course Outline: Identifying Cardiac and Breathing emergencies Activating the Emergency Services CPR techniques for Adults CPR…
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Fire Safety Workshop

Purpose of Course: Teaching awareness for fire safety, prevention of fires and the alerting of emergency services. Candidates will also learn how to contain a veld fire soon after ignition by using equipment at hand. This course will not enable the learners to fight serious out of control veld fires. Target Group: General labourers, farm…
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Fire Team Member

Purpose of Course: The OHS Act requires all employers to ensure that the workplace is safe for the employees. The risk of fires is present in most workplaces and employees must be aware of fire safety and the most effective way to extinguish a fire. This course gives the employee a theoretical background as well…
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Health and Safety Induction

Purpose of Course: To comply with the requirement in the OHS Act No 85 of 1993 Section 8 (e) that the employer has to provide training information, instruction and training to ensure the health & safety at work of his employees. Target group: All employees Course Outline: The purpose and structure of the OHS Act…
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Health & Safety Representative

Purpose of the course: To equip the Health & Safety Representative with the necessary knowledge and skill to perform his / her duty as required in terms of the Act. Target group: Permanently appointed employees, nominated by their peers and appointed as a Health & Safety Representative in a specific area. The law does not…
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Basic life support for Healthcare providers

Course content & learning outcomes Aims & Objectives Participants will be able to perform the steps of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, basic airway manoeuvres and rescue breathing in casualties of all ages. After the course, the candidates will be skilled in the use of bag-valve resuscitators and in the technique of automated external defibrillation. Participants will be…
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Client Testimonials

Melanie Stipp (Blogger)


Baie dankie vir die geleentheid om die kursus te kon bywoon. Ek het dit vreeslik baie geniet en 'n hele paar nuwe goed geleer 🙂 Cindy is baie goed in wat sy doen en betrek die klas met vrae en prakties.

Guy Hendry

ESTEQ Industry Solutions

Did a first aid level 1 refresher last week. Fantastic course! The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The communication before the training was great and always received fast replies. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to do first aid! Considering a level 2 course myself.

Francis Erianca du Preez

Great people, great training institution. Did my level 1-3 through them and training was great. They are super friendly and very helpful. Would definitely recommend them to those looking to do first aid training.