If you’re a nanny or a teacher, you are a potential lifesaver

Teachers and nannies spend a substantial amount of time with children every day – playing, running, eating, swimming, and doing lots of other activities. A life-threatening incident is always lurking around the corner with little ones – that is inevitable. However, imagine if all nannies and teachers were armed with the right first aid and…

The Do’s and Don’ts of CPR

Being faced with an emergency situation can be overwhelming, even for someone with First Aid training. It’s always stressful being in a situation where someone’s life is on the line. A First Aider is, however, such an important link in the chain of survival and correct management of a casualty can save a life. Cardio…

Accidents happen. Now what?

It’s ironic that we’re always so alarmed when we hear about tragic accidents and for some reason think it won’t happen to us. In reality, we don’t know what tomorrow, or even the next hour or minute holds. We often invest time and money in the ‘obvious’ educational things like excellent schools and books, but…

Occupational Health & Safety Compliance: more than a certificate

As an employer, it’s imperative to prioritise safety in your organisation. One of the most logical steps is to send a selected number of employees on a Health & Safety (SHE) Representative training course. Once an employee is armed with the tools and knowledge to become a SHE Rep, they become the “middle-person”, so to…

The rhythm of life: how to get the beat back

Statistics show that roughly 88% of cardiac arrests happen at home. In other words, you’re more likely to encounter a situation where you have to help save the life of a loved one, than simply passing by a similar situation on the street. Let that sink in for a moment. Then, ask yourself whether you…

Would you be able to save a child’s life?

In an ideal world, every single parent and teacher would know child and infant first aid. So often it is underestimated just how precious those first few seconds after an accident are and that it shouldn’t be wasted running around looking for someone who knows what to do in an emergency situation. The fact of…

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Client Testimonials

Melanie Stipp (Blogger)


Baie dankie vir die geleentheid om die kursus te kon bywoon. Ek het dit vreeslik baie geniet en 'n hele paar nuwe goed geleer 🙂 Cindy is baie goed in wat sy doen en betrek die klas met vrae en prakties.

Guy Hendry

ESTEQ Industry Solutions

Did a first aid level 1 refresher last week. Fantastic course! The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The communication before the training was great and always received fast replies. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to do first aid! Considering a level 2 course myself.

Francis Erianca du Preez

Great people, great training institution. Did my level 1-3 through them and training was great. They are super friendly and very helpful. Would definitely recommend them to those looking to do first aid training.